Laura Fontamara

Laura Amin


Ciao bella gente,

I am Laura, and if you haven’t guessed by my introduction, I am Italian born and bred.

At the tender age of 23 I decided to leave my home country and travel the world in search of a better life. My adventures started alone, but I pulled on my strength, sense of adventure and determination, which lead me to meet some extraordinary people along the way: Nice, Monaco and Monte Carlo are just some of the amazing places I have had the pleasure to live (being able to speak Italian, French and Arabic helped!!).

So now I am in London, acting and a team member of an amazing local Rehab Centre.

I love helping people (I regard myself as an empathic soul) and the centre gives me the opportunity to do so.

I often think ‘’If you can’t find enough good people, be one of them’’ (this is who I am).
Some of my likes in life include, cooking, painting, swimming and classical music. Whereas some of my dislikes are, rudeness, selfishness and hatred.

I would love you to join me, Laura, Sunday (fortnightly) from 4pm – 6pm for my show ‘Rollercoasterly’, because let’s face it, life is a rollercoaster!

‘’Let’s keep our hearts clear, if we wish to see the light’’.

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